The Self-Service Portal allows users to interact with technical staff to report their needs and then stay updated on resolution activities.

Each user accesses the Portal after local authentication or connected to the corporate Active Directory repository.

The Portal home page includes:

  • a complete menu, on the left
  • quick access to key features, at top centre
  • the most recent news related to the technical services provided
  • the progress of the last requests submitted

proposes by default the Self-Service Portal implemented in the open source portal Liferay.

Using the CMDBuild GUI Framework environment, it is possible to activate the Self-Service Portal in portals based on different technologies, developing specific authentication plugins, without constraints at server-side.


The Self-Service Portal is a not open source feature of the openMAINT solution, which is provided with the Annual Subscription offered by Tecnoteca, developer and maintainer of the open source Project.

Self-Service Portal Functionalities


News: allows technical offices to communicate to users information of general interest on current activities (new services, maintenance activities with impacts on services provided, etc.). News are inserted by the technical operators through the standard openMAINT interface and then published in the Self-Service Portal.

Report fault, submit a Maintenance Requests: users can report to the technical offices malfunctions or technical issues, by filling in the form for reporting the fault. The request initiates a specific management process (Maintenance Request workflow) in openMAINT, which records the warning assigning it a progressive number, requires a first evaluation by the helpdesk, sends a take-charge email to the user and a notification of pending activity to the helpdesk.

Check Maintenance and Repair Request: allow the user to check the progress of the requests and warning made. It is possible to filter requests by status (open, closed, all).

Report: it is possible to retrieve from openMAINT in real time available reports accessible by the user. Reports can be downloaded in the available formats (pdf, odt, rtf, csv).

User Profile: the function allows the user to check the data of his profile.


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