Data model refactoring

The openMAINT data model has been refactored, improved and optimized in order to make it closer to the CMDBuild READY2USE one and to facilitate the porting of some features between the two applications. The main changes affect the Sites section (which has been extracted from the Inventory Item archive), the creation of Companies and Employees subclasses and the renaming of the Inventory item superclass into Configuration item.

New control dashboard for requests monitoring

A new control dashboard for Maintenance office operators, which presents an overview of the open tickets, pie-charts with statistics, a histogram for SLA control and predefined filters on the ticket list, has been implemented. The page as well allows operators to open new requests on the fly.

New SLA management for Maintenance requests

Advanced management of SLAs for maintenance requests has been added. It is now possible to define custom thresholds according to the priority of the ticket (as well as additional criteria like the site or the requester) for each step of the process (assignment, execution and closure). Thresholds can be based on system time or on a specific calendar working time.

New Preventive workorder process

A dedicated workflow for preventive activities has been implemented. The process allows to execute detailed checklists for every preventive maintenance activity and it automatically updates the condition of the assets according to their outcomes. A printable version of the checklist is also available.

New Preventive maintenance reports

New reports on preventive maintenance are available. Preventive activities can be shown on a calendar view, with different colours according to the status of the activities. An overview report shows all the occurrences of the activities over a specific year. A detailed report shows the outcome of the checklists ().

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