Support for the logistic management of movable assets, of spare parts and building materials (stores).



openMAINT provides a workflow for the asset handling, based on the following flow:

  • handling request (assignment / positioning / shift / withdrawal / removal) by qualified operators or in case of new supplies (see economic management functionalities)
  • approval by the responsible authority
  • forwarding of work order to the right team / supplier
  • planning, execution and registering of the intervention report (also using tablets or smartphones)

If you have to change your seat (computers, biomedical equipment, furnitures, etc.), you can use a guided wizard that is useful for the massive movement of assets and of any assignees in the case they are managed in the system.



We can provide also a workflow for the building materials handling (spare parts, etc.), updating the related stores:

  • handling request (insert / withdrawal from stores) by qualified operators or within the beginning / progressing of a work order
  • any approvals by the responsible authority
  • delivery of goods and related registering into the system (also using tablets or smartphones)


In openMAINT there is also a wizard to reserve some rooms, which is useful for certain system uses:

  • singling out of the room and check of the availability through a calendar
  • room booking
  • possible cancellation of booking


Further customized workflows (project management, business travel management, etc.) can be analysed and configured in the system by using the editor and the workflow engine of CMDBuild – which is the basis of openMAINT.

Space & Asset Inventory

Asset inventory, management of registries, reports, dashboards, maps, plants, 3D and BIM models.

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Facility Maintenance

openMAINT uses the Maintenance Manual as basis to manage, in a custom way, the maintenance, scheduled, meter-based and breakdown.

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Economic Management

Management of registries, budgets and purchases.

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Energy & Environment

Recording and analysis of information related to immovable and movable, static and dynamic assets through monitoring systems.

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GIS & BIM support

Complete support for the asset georeference. 2D vector plants and 3D building designing.

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