Management of registries, budgets and purchases.



For the economic management, openMAINT implements features that support all maintenance and logistic activities supplying useful information for previsional, operative, final and control steps.
The management module interacts with the maintenance module (i.e. registering orders of missing materials) and with the logistic one (i.e. registering movements in the stores).

If data are partially or completely managed inside the company's ERP system, you can analyse and configure customised connectors in order to grant the correct interaction between the systems.



The basic personal data managed in openMAINT include the following files:

  • administrative offices / offices and related cost centres
  • internal staff
  • suppliers (with any certifications) and related maintenance teams
  • any customers, partners of the supplied services and of the related SLA


Furthermore you can define an annual analytic budget by working on:

  • the period (all previous budgets are available in the system)
  • budget centres (heading combination)
  • budget headings with authorized amount for period / centre / site


Within the operative activities, openMAINT allows to record:

  • purchase requests, also started from the system during the execution of the workflow for the scheduled maintenance and the maintenance in case of breakdowns
  • purchase orders, with record of the commitment about the competence budget
  • invoice, with decrease of the availability on the competence budget and resetting of the related engagement
  • bill, with beginning of the logistic handling workflow (for movable assets and spare parts)
On the base of budget data and carried out activities, openMAINT allows to produce final reports / dashboards with the analysis of any movements.

Space & Asset Inventory

Asset inventory, management of registries, reports, dashboards, maps, plants, 3D and BIM models.

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Facility Maintenance

openMAINT uses the Maintenance Manual as basis to manage, in a custom way, the maintenance, scheduled, meter-based and breakdown.

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Logistic Management

Support for the logistic management of movable assets, of spare parts and building materials (stores).

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Energy & Environment

Recording and analysis of information related to immovable and movable, static and dynamic assets through monitoring systems.

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GIS & BIM support

Complete support for the asset georeference. 2D vector plants and 3D building designing.

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