openMAINT uses the Maintenance Manual as basis to manage, in a custom way, the maintenance, scheduled, meter-based and breakdown.


The Maintenance Manual includes the necessary information for the correct maintenance of infrastructures and installation.


openMAINT uses the Maintenance Manual as basis to manage in a – custom way – every object organisation and typology.



By registering the available information (typology and frequency of the activities, required equipment, necessary spare parts, possible breakdowns, diagnostic check lists), openMAINT automatically creates the activities of the scheduled maintenance activities, produces work orders, forwards them through workflow to the right personnel (in and/or outside the organisation) and helps them with  problem solving.

The available scheduling criteria include all necessary choices to work flexibly, so that the operators can work as easily as possible.



Also the maintenance when an issue occurs are managed through a workflow that provides:

  • signalling through different channels, included the self service portal
  • control of the signalling by the call centre operators
  • forwarding of work order to the right team / supplier (suggested by the system according to the type of the problem and the contracts)
  • planning, execution and registering of the intervention report (also using tablets or smartphones)

This kind of activities can be automatically started if there are monitoring systems that detect anomalies (smoke, malfunctioning, etc.) and transmit them through standard channels / protocols.

You can set criteria (SLA / KPI) for the automatic control of the activity progress and the start of the related management actions (e-mail / sms notifications for any delays).

You can also configure the automatic request of a user feedback (rated from 1 to 5) on the quality of the problem solving service and register it in the system (Customer satisfaction).

The diagnosis of the damages signalling is supported by the possibility of query a Knowledge Basis, which receive all signalling solutions already closed and useful for any following consultations..



There are various reports for the analysis of the management activities managed in the system (scheduled activities and activities in case of breakdowns): location statistics / cost centre / problem typology / etc., printouts of the faulty objects, comparison with standard operation data (MTBF, MTTR), etc.



Some dashboards allow to immediately see the situation of the open breakdowns.

Space & Asset Inventory

Asset inventory, management of registries, reports, dashboards, maps, plants, 3D and BIM models.

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Logistic Management

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Economic Management

Management of registries, budgets and purchases.

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Energy & Environment

Recording and analysis of information related to immovable and movable, static and dynamic assets through monitoring systems.

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GIS & BIM support

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