Recording and analysis of information related to immovable and movable, static and dynamic assets through monitoring systems.



The energy and environmental control has taken up a great importance in the real estate management, given the rules that are even more restrictive and the even higher costs of energy and disposal.

openMAINT allows to record into its own files both static information associated with assets, both dynamic information detected from any monitoring systems.



Static information are related to:

  • buildings and installations:
    • declared energy consumptions, average detected consumptions (electrical / methane / fuel oil)
    • water consumptions
    • emissions (air emissions / water waste / urban waste)
    • other environmental impacts (polluting waste, air emissions, asbestos, etc.)
  • technical assets: declared energy consumptions, average detected energy consumptions


Dynamic information are related to the knowledge of punctual consumptions of an installation / technical asset, automatically detected by querying the object itself or any control unit / interface, which was enabled for such function.



If available, the gathered data can be registered into openMAINT in order to be analysed with the previous time series and produce corrective / ameliorative action.



This is not always possible, but the electrical installations provide increasingly modern devices (among them, AMI - Advanced metering infrastructure), which are enabled to communicate with information systems through standard protocols.

In particular, openMAINT is really interested in the open source project OGEMA (Open Gateway Energy Management Alliance). It was developed in Germany releasing the OpenMUC framework and various libraries for the communication with smart meter by using standard protocols.

Space & Asset Inventory

Asset inventory, management of registries, reports, dashboards, maps, plants, 3D and BIM models.

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Facility Maintenance

openMAINT uses the Maintenance Manual as basis to manage, in a custom way, the maintenance, scheduled, meter-based and breakdown.

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Logistic Management

Support for the logistic management of movable assets, of spare parts and building materials (stores).

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Economic Management

Management of registries, budgets and purchases.

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GIS & BIM support

Complete support for the asset georeference. 2D vector plants and 3D building designing.

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