openMAINT is available with the functionalities needed to solve the common management needs of the Property & Facility Management

Custom functional extensions


Thanks to the extreme flexibility and configurability of the CMDBuild® framework - which is the basis of openMAINT – you can configure custom functional extensions without editing the standard code of the software application:

  • definition of other types of objects (web interface)
  • definition of other types of information for objects already provided (web interface)
  • change of the workflows already provided or modelling of new workflows (visual process editor)
  • change of reports already available or modelling of new reports (visual report editor)
  • change of the dashboards already available or modelling of new dashboards (web interface)
  • connectors and pins configuration, in order to interact with external systems (management applications, data collection systems, alarm notification systems, etc.)

User typologies


The openMAINT functionalities are mainly used by the following user typologies:

  • director: result and cost analysis
  • supervisor: activity schedule and planning, performance control, report control, use of system policy, control of the right use of the system
  • asset manager: update and control of asset data, synchronisation of geometric models with BIM tools, moving objects
  • call center / helpdesk: receive and register signs of breakdown, forward them to specialists
  • specialist technicians from inner or outer source: interventions in case of breakdown and scheduled interventions, registering of feedback information
  • energy manager: control and management of energy consumption
  • administrative staff: register and manage administration data (customers, suppliers, contracts, budgets, cost centres, orders, bills, invoices)
  • information systems manager: routine activities (data backup, etc.), change of default configurations (data model, workflows, reports, dashboards, other automatisms), version updates