Quick guide to online demo

... some hints to use the main features of openMAINT ...

  • Space & Asset Inventory
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Logistic Management
  • Economic Management
  • Energy & Environment
  • GIS and BIM Support

Space & Asset Inventory - Objects hierarchy

... inventory items "specialize" superclasses adding more specific information and "inheriting" relations.
Each user can create new objects with the information of interest.

Space & Asset Inventory - Cards

Space & Asset Inventory - Relations

Space & Asset Inventory - History

Space & Asset Inventory: Geotags (1)

Example: "Building" Class, "Map" button » Map geotag

Space & Asset Inventory: Geotags (2)

Example: "NetworkPoint" Class, "Map" button » Planimetry geotag

Space & Asset Inventory: 3D Geotags

Example: "Building" Class, "Viewer" button » 3D model geotag (IFC)

Facility Maintenance: Maintenance Manual

openMAINT uses the Maintenance Manual as a knowledge source and guide for business activities

Facility Maintenance: criteria

Scheduled and meter-based maintenance

Facility Maintenance: criteria

Breakdown Maintenance

Facility Maintenance: "Mobile" version

openMAINT will include a "Mobile" version (*), useful for many operations and, in particular, to handle on fields maintenance activities

(*) available to customers with a valid openMAINT maintenance contract

Facility Maintenance: report & dashboard

Each openMAINT module includes reports and dashboards.
Users can also create custom reports/dashboards as needed.

Logistic Management

With the logistics management module you can get individual or massive asset movement.
It is also possible to manage warehouse operations regarding assets and spare parts.

Economic Management

With openMAINT you can manage your budget and record orders, delivery notes and bills.
You can also configure connectors with ERP systems.

Energy & Environment

With openMAINT you can configure cards and certification reports as required by local law

User management

The user account allows you to use the system with all the roles assigned to your account.
Before authentication you can choose to use a single role or sum up all the permissions.


  • Head office: results and costs analysis (report/dashboard)
  • Asset manager: asset management and real estate management
  • Call Center / Helpdesk: maintenance alerts management
  • Internal or external technical specialist: execution and registration of maintenance activities
  • Energy manager: management, certifications and consumption control
  • Administrative staff: economic data management

Quick guide to online demo

Before using the demo we would like to remind you that with openMAINT you can extend the data model with new types of objects, new relations, new workflow processes, new reports and dashboards (*).

(*) The account provided does not have the role of Administrator. To see the full potential of Administration module please request an access to the online demo of CMDBuild on which openMAINT is based.

Launch demo!


If you do not have the credentials to use the demo ask for them here