openMAINT is a native multilanguage application.

Two different levels of localization are available:

1)  Localization of interface elements: standard menu, buttons, page titles and TAB labels, header and footer of the application, administration interface, etc.

2)  Localization of the full application: data model (classes names, attributes names, domains names and descriptions, lookup names), reports names, navigation menu, etc.. This localization level of openMAINT can be made in the Administration Module - menu item called “Localization”. There is a simplified centralized interface that allows the users to operate having all the texts of the localization elements in just one page.
It is also possible to export and import the localization in the CSV format in one or more languages.

For more information please refer to the CMDBuild Administration Manual - Localization chapter.


Tecnoteca collects and provides, in the standard release, the first level localization supplied by the contributors. Check here what are the languages already available for the base interface of openMAINT.

Tecnoteca provides the second level localizations in English and Italian, suppling a repository for additional languages for openMAINT.


If you want to translate the first level of openMAIN please refer to this instructions.

If you want to translate the second level of openMAINT you can fill-in the fields in the Localization menu in the Administration Module. Or you can directly download the CSV file (you find it here for your convenience), work locally in your PC and re-import the file complete with the localization.

Then you can send us the CSV file to be included in the next release along with your name and organization (if you want) to be listed in the README file as a contributor. You will also receive a nice gadget.